We're not in Kansas anymore....

or Colorado either. Check out the enclosed pics from our travels in eastern Colorado and Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Wow Amber, you are GORGEOUS in that last one!
I LOVE reading about your travels and looking at the pics.
What a doll Ada is!

~Patti Hughes

Phoenix said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures. Your Mom told me about the bus, but I couldnt picture it. Adia is growing so fast. You two never stop amazing me. If you come across Iowa, look me up. I will probably still be here.

Anonymous said...

You guys have such a fun and adventurous spirit! Dave & I are so happy we had the opportunity to meet you all. What an incredible educational experience for Adia also.

Good luck in all your travels!!!

Samantha Mattison

Anonymous said...

Those are some great shots, guys! Chris and I miss you all already, so it's really cool to see what you're seeing on your cross-country busapalooza adventure.