Kristin and Billy | Engaged!

Kristin and Billy's
Engagement Photos in Jim Thorpe

Kristin and Billy scheduled their engagement session for the only mutually available date in our calendars - four days ago, less than two weeks before their wedding. The day turned out to be possibly the hottest day on record this year yet and due to their travel schedule, we had to shoot late afternoon in the hottest part of the day.  But all my worries that we'd melt or pass out or whatnot were unwarranted. We had a blast! We had so much fun in fact that on numerous occasions, I had to put my camera down and hold my belly because I was laughing so hard. 

A couple notes about this session - 1) I shot in color, but Kristin and Billy picked out so many black and white favorites from the collection that I decided to go all black and white with this post. For friends and family interested in seeing the entire collection (most of which is in color), you'll have to bug Kristin and Billy for the link to the gallery;-) 2) The dress that Kristin wore to the session is actually her mother's wedding gown! She had it altered with plans to wear it to her rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. What a great idea to do a photo shoot with it too!

Kristin and Billy - It was great to get to know you both a bit before the big day. Thank you for taking the time to come to Jim Thorpe. See you soon!

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Kathie said...

Very beautiful and touching photos ! Blessings to you 😘