Sabrina and Anthony's wedding at Bushkill Falls

Sabrina and Anthony's
Wedding at Bushkill Falls
and Reception at the Bushkill Inn

{Poconos Wedding Photography}

I just had a baby and have been out of commission for a couple weeks, so before I jump back into featuring our lovely weddings from the fall, I thought I'd sneak one in from earlier this summer...

Sabrina and Anthony's June wedding in the Poconos was a bit unconventional. It was on a Tuesday for starters and it involved a bit of a hike to a deck overlooking the beautiful Bushkill Falls on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. They have both been married before and have children from those marriages. You might think these factors would lead them to plan a  more utilitarian wedding. But clearly Sabrina and Anthony are romantics at heart.

But maybe you'd feel like going above and beyond for your wedding too if you were in their shoes. You see, Sabrina and Anthony were high school sweethearts who grew apart, led separate lives and came together again over 20 years later. The wedding they actually hoped for was a bit grander still - but due to family needs they scaled it back a bit. So instead of the waterfall in Costa Rica they dreamed of, they opted for the Poconos. And it was beautiful!

I shot this one solo. I arrived to find all the crew getting ready in their suite. It was kind of fun and tricky since Sabrina and Anthony didn't want to see each other before the ceremony! Things were going great until Anthony discovered that the tux company neglected to include his shirt in the order. Disaster was averted thanks to the staff at the Bushill Inn who located a suitable replacement for him.

The ceremony was officiated by Susan Wilson of Journeys of the Heart. She was great. She shepherded the group through the woods to the overlook and was so warm and professional throughout it all. I loved the look in Anthony's eyes as Sabrina came down the stairs to join him at the ceremony site. The couple decided to include a ring exchange with the children as part of their ceremony to celebrate the melding of their families. So sweet!

The reception that followed was beautiful. Sabrina and Anthony's hand crafted signs and favors tied in nicely with their outdoor ceremony and the florals and table settings echoed the rustic feel. I have to give props to the Bushkill Inn. This was our first time working there and I was impressed. The food was exceptional and the interiors were fresh and modern thanks to some recent renovations. I would recommend this venue to anyone looking for a wedding location in the Poconos.

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Credits: Wedding at Bushkill Falls. Wedding reception at the Bushkill Inn. Officiant - Susan Wilson, Journeys of the Heart. Cake by Merry's Cakes. Bride's bouquet - Flowers by Melanie. Centerpieces were made by Patricia at Price Chopper in Marshals Creek.


Sabrina Gangale said...

Thank you to everyone that made our day so beautiful and memorable as it was! The memories will last us a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

These photos are the reason my fiancée and I are getting married here. They're beautiful and they capture exactly what we want for our small wedding.