Kristin and Josh's wedding at the Ukrainian Homestead

 Kristin and Josh's
wedding at the Ukrainian Homestead

{Jim Thorpe Wedding Photography}

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Kristin and Josh are incredibly kind, down-to-earth people. They are so low-key in fact, that they both found themselves a bit uncomfortable at first with all of the attention a wedding day invites to a bride and groom. But starting with the moment they saw each other for the first time that day, they started to relax. Surrounded by a great group of people who clearly love and support them, they tied the knot and partied down in style.

From the groom:
Well, we're trying very desperately to make the wedding reflect us and our style. Kristin's mom is making most of the decorations and all the centerpieces. We're very involved in the selection of music. We chose the Ukrainian Homestead because its very rustic and cool and it reflects Kristin (and Bogart's) love of the outdoors. Kristin wants the wedding to be very traditional in some senses, too, so we're doing a lot of the traditional stuff, but hopefully it will have our own twist too.
This is our second wedding in the last month at the Ukrainian Homestead, a rustic wedding venue near Jim Thorpe, and it was great to see how differently the space could be made over. Kristin and Josh opted for some white draping to soften the wood and it looked lovely with the wild-flower inspired centerpieces Kristin's mother gathered at 14 Acre Farm. Speaking of 14 Acre Farm - holy cow. They floored us. I have to admit that we are totally biased (they catered our own wedding!), but the food was outrageously good. It was imaginative and fresh and looked as good as it tasted. We overheard many guests raving about it. Pamkake's cake was pretty spectacular also - light and delicious,  not too sweet. Thanks Kristin for suggesting we take a piece home for our kids!

While I am raving about the vendors, I need to mention Deezine's flowers. I loved Kristin's bouquet! It had a really pretty mix of romantic standards and countryside wild flowers. Plus the wrapping on the bouquets were really cool. They wrapped Kristin's bouquet in a lace remnant from her mother's wedding gown and the bridesmaids' bouquets in rough twine. The DJ did a great job too - very professional and I loved his music selection. During the cocktail hour I found myself wondering if he borrowed one of my playlists from Spotify:-)

So as not to write a book, I'll cut this short. But let me mention lastly that several of my favorite moments involved the groom's mother. The woman can dance! Starting with her mother-son dance to a Jay-Z song (meant to honor her late-husband/Josh's dad), to her Mick Jagger impersonation that got the party started on the dance floor and made Josh blush, to one of the last moments we photographed that night - her, Josh, his sister and Kristin dancing to "Brush Your Shoulders Off." It was fun to see her go! Check out those moments and many other favorites below.

Credits: Accommodations - The Inn at Jim Thorpe. Catering by 14 Acre Farm. Wedding flowers by Deezine. Wedding cake - Pamkakes. Wedding officiant - Lois Heckman. Bridal gown by David's Bridal. Bridesmaids dresses by J Crew. Groom's tux by Brooks Brothers. Entertainment by Sound Scape DJ Entertainment.


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Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! I'm considering the Ukraine Homestead for my wedding – I went to camp there as a child! Any chance we can connect? I'd love to hear about your experience.