Leandra and Dan's wedding

Leandra and Dan's wedding
{Jim Thorpe Wedding Photography}

Wedding Preparation at the Inn at Jim Thorpe
Ceremony at Dinkey Memorial Church in Lehighton, PA
Reception at the Ukranian Homestead in Lehighton, PA

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Leandra and Dan met online, or as she likes to put it, she picked him out and ordered him online. They are wonderful together and their kindness and wit are magnetic. They are also parents! Their sweet daughter, Bonnie, is named for Leandra's late mother, who Leandra was very close with. The photos feature a few references to Leandra's mother - the close up of the tattoo on her foot is a handwritten message from her mom, the framed portrait is a photo of her mother on the day of her wedding which took place in the very same church and there is a shot of her mother's grave with the church emptying out in the distance. Honestly, I cried when I took that last one. But like so many others in the room, I also got choked up when Leandra came down the aisle. I guess the anticipation and the music got to me - remixed versions of Cold Play's Til Kingdom Come and Christina Perri's A Thousand Years Part 2 really pulled on my heartstrings.

Here's what Leandra had to say about the day she was planning:
Our theme is vintage cameras and books. Dan's a huge book nerd and I am photography obsessed! Anything that we could customize for the big day, we have. My grandmother made doilies for all the tables. Bridesmaid Rachel painted all of the awesome signs and her husband built our photobooth and bean bag sets. Brandi (another bridesmaid)  and I scoured flea martkets and yard sales for a lot of the vintage decor (and all of the signs that Rachel painted on).  I made my bouquet and the guys flowers out of book pages. We made all of the jar candles for the tables. We're cutting pie instead of cake, and Dan is wearing a blue gingham shirt, because on our first date, we ate pie and he wore a blue gingham shirt.
The details were amazing and incredibly thoughtful. There were too many to describe here. I could go on and on about them! In addition to portraits at the church and homestead, we stopped by Leandra's aunt and uncle's farm where so many memories from her childhood were made. Speaking of which, in case you are wondering about the granny square crochet afghan in some of the photos, it too was a relic from her childhood that Leandra wanted to incorporate into the photos at the farm. Enough talk. Scroll on to check out some of our favorite photos from the day.

Credits: Catering (including pies) by Sugar and Spice Pies & Food Truck. Wedding flowers by the bride. Wedding cake, cupcakes and other treats - Custom Creations by Mel. Hair by Kristin Binder. Mori Lee bridal gown customized by Sue Ames Bridal. Bridesmaids dresses by Jordan Fashions. Groom's tux by Paul Fredrick. Entertainment by DJ Justyn Tyme.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Truly Beautiful pictures! so happy I was there to share the day.

Margaret Hassett said...

I absolutely LOVE your photographs! They are so amazing!

Cathy Story said...

Wonderful memories of a great day. Happy that we could share it with you all.

leandraelaine said...

I don't know how we can ever thank you!! You captured the moments and emotion of the day so well. I can't wait to cover our walls with pictures and have these timeless images to share with future generations!! I'm excited to see the rest(of course)! We love you guys! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! Leandra, I'm considering the Ukraine Homestead for my wedding – I went to camp there as a child! Any chance we can connect? I'd love to hear about your experience.

leandraelaine said...

Absolutely (to "Unknown")! I'm sorry I didn't see your message until now!! :)

Kelly Czubak said...

Leandra you were a beautiful bride!!!! Just stunning!!! I loved all of the details of the wedding reception!!! Great pictures Amber!!! So glad I got to work with as well as get to know you both!