Allie and Dave's summer wedding at Mountain Springs Lake Resort

Allie and Dave
wedding and reception at Mountain Springs Lake Resort in Reeders (Tannersville), PA

Poconos wedding photography

I thought I'd try to cure my winter blues by revisiting a warm, sunny summer wedding that hasn't made it to the blog yet. We try to keep on top of things and blog most of our weddings, but sometimes things get hectic and the blog has to wait. Sorry for the delay, Allie and Dave!

Allie and Dave found us shortly after we returned from Oregon, which seems like a very long time ago. Allie was on top of the details and booked her photography early. We were flattered that she called us to double check our availability prior to booking her venue. Because they are local and we shot their engagement photos, we got to know them pretty well and had a great time in the process.

The wedding day was beautiful. It was hot, but they couldn't have asked for a better day for their outdoor ceremony. My favorite moments that I recall: Allie was nervous about running into Dave before the ceremony. We were outside her cabin getting ready to head to the wedding site when she froze in her tracks at the sound of a diesel truck engine nearby thinking that she was hearing Dave's truck. I thought it was so cute that she recognized the sound of her husband's truck engine! I loved Allie and Dave's signature cocktail, the lemon drop martini. So refreshing on a hot summer day and it looked great with the flowers and bridal party colors. And Dave's best man's speech was pretty epic. Josh and  I were laughing along with everyone else.

Allie and Dave- Thank you for choosing us to be your photographers. It was a lovely day and you and your family made us feel very welcome.
Credits: Catering by MSL Resort. Flowers by David Lautt. Disc jockeys Jack O'Brien and Dave Cipko. 


Ronald Rabenold said...

Striking...the ultimate know how to capture moments...well done, again...

Aunt Connie said...

Beautiful bride, beautiful day....wonderful memories!!

Kimberly A Rabenold said...

Josh and Amber, thanks for posting these summer pictures. Eventhough they've been up a while, I just had the chance to check them out. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of what I assume is the groom and his mother dancing - so much emotion in her face. the couple on the bridge is sooo beautiful! Love it! love you!