Kelly and Seth's Theater Wedding

Kelly and Seth

wedding at the Pennsylvania Playhouse
portraits in downtown Bethlehem, on Monocacy Creek, the Depot and Bethlehem Steel
reception at the Banana Factory

Bethlehem, PA wedding photography

How fitting that Kelly and Seth should get married on stage. That is where the couple met. We joined them a couple weeks ago for their one night only performance of "Holy Matrimony," an original play written by Kelly and Seth and produced and carried out with the help of their many talented friends and family.  The play itself was short and very cute, a sort of there's-gotta-be-someone-for-everyone single act play. The bridal party, most of whom were not actors, did their parts well and set the scene beautifully for the ceremony that followed. Through the ceremony and the rest of the day, Kelly and Seth found many original ways to celebrate their marriage and share a bit of themselves with their near and dear.

Highlights detailed in the photos below: Seth and his groomsmen all love to play video games. His gift to each of them were cufflinks each fashioned after a different Nintendo game cartridge. Kelly gave her girls fabulous silky robes to don backstage in the dressing room. The bride's gown by Cymbeline was stunning. See if you can catch a glimpse of her sweet red sandals in the photos below.  We hit up several iconic Bethlehem locations for the portrait session, including historic Main St. Bethlehem, the ruins at Monocacy Creek, the Depot and Bethlehem Steel. Once we got to the wedding reception at the Banana Factory, the party was hopping. This group really knew how to have fun! Thanks Kelly and Seth for letting us tag along!

Other credits: Flowers by Michael Thomas. Catering by Sagra. Hair by Eskandalo.

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Unknown said...

On your wedding day, it's so important to have a photographer that feels more like a friend than a vendor, and that's exactly what Josh and Amber were like. These super chill, crazy talented friends who just so happened to bring their cameras to our wedding. They did such a brilliant job of capturing "us," in all our joyful, and typically goofy, glory. I mean, they embraced mustaches on a stick. What more could you ask for? Thank you guys so much! We will love and cherish these images forever.