Leaving Eugene!

We are excited to announce that big changes are underway in our lives. After spending 3 years in Eugene, we are moving back to Pennsylvania. We are looking forward to getting back to our friends and family and making a life for ourselves in the Poconos. Our plan is to devote ourselves full time to our photography business and continue to shoot weddings in Oregon in the summer.

Where will we stay all summer in Oregon you ask? In our veggie oil-powered converted school bus! Josh has done a fabulous job converting a 1993 Blue Bird into a mobile home. We have yet to put the finishing touches on it and right now it is crammed with all of our worldly possessions, but it is pretty sweet! It has a range, sink, bathtub, refrigerator and heat. Check out the enclosed photos. There is one at the end of what the bus looked like before Josh fixed it up.

Here are some notes I took from the road. We'll try to check in along our travels and I'll try to get Josh to write too.

Thursday morning:
We thought we were going to stay until Sunday, but it appears that today is the day we are leaving Eugene. Saturday is the Cascadia Wildlands Project's Hoedown for Ancient Forests, a guaranteed good time. Staying until Sunday morning would have allowed us to go out with a bang, but right now we all feel we'd rather quietly take our leave today. The road is calling. Ada is ready. We're all ready to put some miles between us and Eugene.

On the road: Eastern Oregon
Cruising down 84 with Pendelton in mind. Ada and I sit in the back bed that has been transformed into a mobile play pen. There is a giant pillow propped up against one side of the bus in the bed-pen, so we lean on it and face the panoramic view of countryside rolling by. It is sunset now and the orange light behind us appears even more dramatic next to the dark rain clouds that fill the rest of the sky. For a moment earlier, an oil tanker rolled past and we caught sight of ourselves reflected in the chrome. The truck sped past and as it did, it revealed the stunning scenery of the mountains over the Columbia, the image reappearing as if curtains reopened before a stage.

Next up, Utah.

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Anonymous said...

Omg! You guys!!!! We LOVED spending our day with you both! You both seem like the coolest people and we are looking forward to spending some time when you guys are back in OR. The start to your adventure looks fabulous! I'll be sure to check back for updates on the road trip!

Patti Hughes