Janice and Josh | Married!

Janice and Josh's
wedding at Cairnwood Estate

Janice and Josh planned their wedding for the exact date of their first meeting, 7 years before. At their engagement session, they told me how they met at a shooting range during a handgun safety course. Once introduced, their banter was so natural that when approached by the instructor, he asked, "How long have you two been married?" While in the planning stages of the wedding, Janice had this to say:
Basically we only knew each other a week before we started dating with the intention of eventually getting married assuming it all worked out. Just over 3 years ago Josh hijacked the opening ceremony of an information security conference we attended to propose.
For their wedding, they chose the opulent Cairnwood Estate in Bryn Athen, PA. We have worked at the Bryn Athen Cathedral before, however this was our first chance to explore the mansion. What a place! It was perfect for Janice and Josh given their appreciation of history (Josh was once a historical reenactor). They looked right at home with Josh in his tux with Victorian/steampunk flair and Janice's romantic classic look. Is it just me or was she channeling Kate Winslet in Titanic? I especially loved the back of her gown. She literally took Josh's breath away at their first look.

Janice and Josh are both foodies as well and they worked up a sumptuous menu with their wedding caterer Sage. They used the space beautifully by treating guests to a tour of the rooms as they visited the various stations. The meal was so yummy, I had to include some photos in this post. The groom's father made the wedding cake and we witnessed Josh playing legos, I mean, constructing the cake topper prior to the ceremony. There are too many fun details and moments to mention here, like their cool Rabbi with the Jerry Garcia tie, the stargate with a story that served as the backdrop for their photobooth, the handmade knives Josh and his groomsmen carried. I could go on...

It was a beautiful wedding! Thanks Janice and Josh for trusting us to tell the story of the day in photos. Scroll on to check out some of our favorite moments.

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