Rachel and Peter's wedding at the Loft at Sweet Water

Rachel and Peter's
wedding at the Loft at Sweet Water

At Rachel and Pete's wedding, I witnessed a couple of miracles. There was the usual magic of course, of all the moments that lead up to and unfold on a wedding day. But Rachel and Pete had a weather miracle and a surprise with their wedding ring exchange that I've never seen and likely won't again. 

I got to know Rachel and Pete at their engagement session (we hiked Glen Onoko Falls!) we planned that they would meet before their ceremony for portraits in order to maximize time relaxing with their guests later. However, just as we were getting ready to shoot, thunder started rumbling. You would think this might make some people anxious, but they were so serene. It was literally a period of calm before the storm. I had just enough time to shoot some outdoor portraits with the couple before the downpour hit. 

After family and party portraits inside, I approached Rachel as she stood looking out the back windows that over looked the ceremony site. To their credit, the Loft at Sweet Water staff were as flexible as they possibly could be and they let the call on whether to move the ceremony go as long as possible. With less than an hour to go, Rachel looked at the dark grey sky and the rain still coming down and said calmly and confidently, "It's going to stop raining. We're having the ceremony outside." There was no "It's supposed to stop," or "I hope it stops." Rachel knew. Guests arrived as the storm was tapering off. It stopped raining, the sky cleared up, the staff towel dried the chairs and the ceremony commenced outside as planned!

Sort of. That's when the wedding ring drama unfolded. Unbeknownst to myself and most of the guests, Pete fumbled the ring while putting it on Rachel. We were all watching, but they both were so cool that no one noticed that the ring had dropped and fallen through the cracks of the gazebo floor. Rather than interrupt the ceremony, they carried on without missing a beat. After they walked back down the aisle, the Loft's staff sprung to action and it was the bride's sister who ended up recovering the ring from under the floor boards. 

From that point on, it was smooth sailing! Pete is a big disc golfer and it was important to him that his guests get to try it out by participating in a tournament during cocktail hour. In addition to homemade jam, guests were given a mini-disc monogrammed with the couple's names as a favor. Congratulations Rachel and Pete! Thanks for trusting me to be your photographer! Scroll on to check out some of my favorite moments from the day.

Credits: Wedding ceremony officiant: Heather Chandler. Makeup by Jessica Jones. Hair by Tina Palumbo. Wedding Cake by Emmaus Bakery. Wedding flowers by Ruby's Floral Factory. DJ: Dave Massimini.

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