Donna and John's wedding at Woodloch

Donna and John's
snowy winter wedding at Woodloch

What fun! A snowy Valentine's Day-weekend wedding and family getaway in the Pocono Mountains. It was pretty magical. Donna and John's wedding was unique for many reasons, but clearly their age helped set this wedding apart from others we've photographed. As the priest said during the ceremony, many people would consider it a waste of time to throw a big party or get married at all at their stage in life. But these two felt otherwise. Finding love is difficult at any age, but once you have, what you decide to do with it makes all the difference.

While in the planning stages of the wedding, Donna had this to say:
This won't be a traditional wedding as we are both seniors (John is 77 and I am 62) and we feel that we have been brought together in this universe by some greater power. We were meant to be together. This will be a celebration of life and living it to the fullest.
So they planned a fun-filled weekend with their nearest and dearest at Woodloch Resort in Hawley. Their ceremony was on Saturday and the reception on Sunday. John is Catholic and he wanted to celebrate the marriage with a full mass. Donna chose two purple gowns for the occasion (one for each day) and the color looked great with her silver hair and shoes. She is an equestrian so it was especially fitting that we stopped by a stable for portraits and that she arrived at the reception via horse and buggy. The photo-bombing antics of John's grandchildren the day before were just a preview of the fun to come! Check out Donna and John's photo booth we set up at the reception for more portraits and tomfoolery.

We were glad to have had the opportunity to meet the bride and groom before the wedding weekend for their engagement session in Jim Thorpe. We knew in advance that Donna and John are very sweet together. They are both so easy going and have a great sense of humor. We had a blast shooting with them! To see them in action together is all the proof you need that they have something worth celebrating. Scroll on to view our favorite photos from the day!

Credits: Wedding at Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Hawley, PA. Wedding reception at Woodloch Pines Resort, The Inn at Woodloch. Wedding cake by Woodloch Pines Catering. Wedding flowers by Michael's House of Flowers. Hair and make-up by Apple Day Spa (Saturday) and Woodloch Spa (Sunday). Entertainment by Frankie Carll.

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