Our love affairs with our albums are always too brief. They show up at our doorstep, we slip them out of their black velvet negliges, fall in love and then ship them off. The complete separation is too much to bear any longer. We've decided to start a visual diary to remember them by.

Here are photos of the three beauties to come and go in our lives this week. We hope their new owners adore them as much as we do!

Alynn and Nate's album
Specs: LC 800R 12x12 album w/ 60 images(on 44 sides). Split cover w/ Japanese book cloth in taupe on the main body of the book and euro black leather on the spine. Black gilding, black mattes, white liners. Black imprinting on the cover in modern font.


Val and Brad's album 
Specs: LC 3500 10x10 album w/ 16 sides featuring a designer mahogany leather cover with block font imprinting in silver

Allie and Dave's album
Specs: LC 300H 8x8 album w/ 28 sides featuring a top grain cow hide cover in brown with modern font imprinting in gold and gold gilding.

Betsy and Josh's engagement session

Betsy and Josh's engagement session (featuring special guest, Emma!)
Lehigh Valley engagement portraits

When Betsy and I talked about the possibilities for this shoot, I suggested that we find a cool couch and place it in a great location where it clearly didn't belong. Betsy loved the idea and thanks to a tip off from a friend, scored this sweet vintage couch at a local second hand furniture store. I was initially thinking of a field and given the time of the shoot (late April), I was hoping for forsythia. But since this was a particularly wet April, we decided to steer clear of the fields and instead discovered this great covered bridge nearby Betsy's mother's place. We have some wide stuff taking the whole scene in, but both Josh and I loved how the shadows of the bridge's interior created a subtle and striking backdrop for our lovely subjects. We had a good time shooting there and managed to find some forsythia on the way out too. (Hooray for primary colors!) Now Betsy and Josh have a great couch to show off in their home and possibly use at their wedding reception this October. Betsy said she's looking forward to hanging a portrait of them on the couch, above the couch. I wonder which she'll choose?