Wedding at Heceta Head Lighthouse

Maura + Todd
wedding at Heceta Head Lighthouse
Oregon Coast wedding photography

Maura and Todd were incredibly at ease on their wedding day. It was seriously moving to watch them in action with their family. Each have two kids from previous marriages so they are like a modern day Brady Bunch!  Todd runs a website that promotes coupons online. Maura is a graphic designer in Tacoma, WA and her creativity graced the wedding in subtle yet stylish ways. I loved her gown. Champagne on white and full of texture! Her choice of velvety red roses for her bouquet complimented her classy look. And the cake! Outrageous and delicious. Maura designed the cake with the help of Sweet Life Patisserie in Eugene, which makes some of the best wedding cake in Oregon, period.

Then of course there is the location. It is always a pleasure to visit Heceta Head Lighthouse. The B&B has a quaint, historic feel and the catering is amazing. If you are planning a wedding in Oregon, this may be the best wedding venue on the Oregon Coast. They host and cater weddings with up to 150 guests. 


Unknown said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I like her gown too. Did you get a picture of the cake?

Mary Lou said...

Found out about you on Off Beat Bride. Love the photos!! Is there a particular time you travel to the Northwest? Thought you would like to know that you have the lighthouse name spelled incorrectly. It is 'Heceta Head'.

Curtis Copeland said...

Beautiful wedding photography. The light house shot is fantastic! You really captured the day for this lovely couple. Nice work. Thanks for sharing!

Joshua Finsel said...

Stefanie- There are three photos that feature the cake. It's such a crazy cake that perhaps you didn't recognize it:-)

Mary Lou, thanks for the love and spelling correction. Although we are available throughout the year for weddings almost anywhere, we try to book summers in the Northwest. This year it was late June through mid August, next year it is looking like mid July through mid August. Please keep us in mind!