Wedding at Heceta Head Lighthouse

Maura + Todd
wedding at Heceta Head Lighthouse
Oregon Coast wedding photography

Maura and Todd were incredibly at ease on their wedding day. It was seriously moving to watch them in action with their family. Each have two kids from previous marriages so they are like a modern day Brady Bunch!  Todd runs a website that promotes coupons online. Maura is a graphic designer in Tacoma, WA and her creativity graced the wedding in subtle yet stylish ways. I loved her gown. Champagne on white and full of texture! Her choice of velvety red roses for her bouquet complimented her classy look. And the cake! Outrageous and delicious. Maura designed the cake with the help of Sweet Life Patisserie in Eugene, which makes some of the best wedding cake in Oregon, period.

Then of course there is the location. It is always a pleasure to visit Heceta Head Lighthouse. The B&B has a quaint, historic feel and the catering is amazing. If you are planning a wedding in Oregon, this may be the best wedding venue on the Oregon Coast. They host and cater weddings with up to 150 guests. 

Oregon wedding photographers

Kim + Joe
wedding at the Resort at the Mountain
Welches, OR wedding photographers / Mount Hood wedding photographers

Kim and Joe taught us about "Offbeat Bride." In talking with Kim prior to the wedding, she described the details loosely and summed it up as an "offbeat wedding." I looked more into the blog she was referencing and discovered that we are very familiar with the offbeat bride. We just never had a good adjective for the vaguely free-spirited category that much of our clientele falls into. "Offbeat" refers to any couple that chooses to defy convention and make their wedding an affair that more closely matches their individual desires. The basic formula for a wedding is there, but the details are unexpected- that is unless you know the couple well. In that case, the details are often totally expected since they reflect the couple, not only tradition. Thanks for helping us get down with the lingo, Kim, and thank you both for inviting us to be part of your day! 

A few words about the Resort at the Mountain:
Very cool location. Friendly, professional staff. Nice grounds too. Although Hood was not visible from the part of the resort we were at, the view of the surrounding hills was awe-inspiring.  A good choice for a wedding location near Mt. Hood.

Joan and Bob's wedding at King Estate

Joan + Bob

Joan and Bob's wedding at King Estate is a perfect example of why we love being Eugene, Oregon wedding photographers. The couple were not slaves to convention. They kept it relatively small and simple. Joan and Bob planned to meet prior to the ceremony and got their portraits and family formals taken care of before their guests arrived. This served two important purposes: 1) It gave priority to perhaps the most important photos of the day rather
than scheduling it after the ceremony and other photos, when there is sometimes the temptation to rush the bride-and-groom-only session. 2) It freed Joan and Bob up to spend more time with their guests and continue on with the flow of events once the ceremony was finished (rather than break for photos).  This approach celebrated the couple while keeping the focus squarely on sharing as much time as possible with friends and family. We highly recommend meeting before the ceremony to do portraits, particularly when the ceremony and reception are at the same venue.

This wedding was special to us also because it was our first Jewish wedding. We have photographed many different wedding ceremonies, but we are only now jewish wedding photographers. It was such a great experience, enhanced for us (and any other wedding guests unfamiliar with jewish wedding tradition) by Joan's patient explanation of the ceremony in their wedding program. One of my favorite parts was at the beginning of the nissuin (nuptuals) when the mesader kiddushin (Rabbi Maurice Harris from Temple Beth Isreal in Eugene) sang. His voice was so beautiful. 

There are two of my favorite shots below that were important parts the ceremony and worth mentioning here. One is the gust of wind that nearly sent the table cloth flying while Joan and Bob prepared to sign the ketubah (marriage contract). I took a burst of photos around that moment (I only featured one) and I love how still and calm Joan looks throughout. The other photo is a shot of Joan and Bob retreating into the winery for yichud, the period of seclusion immediately following the ceremony. Now that I appreciate the hallmarks of a jewish wedding ceremony, I look forward to being a jewish wedding photographer again.

Lastly, a few words about the venue. King Estate did an excellent job catering and the service was top-notch. Their gorgeous vineyard setting is a clear reminder of everything we enjoy about weddings in Oregon. Although, the terra cotta roof tiles, the tower, the rolling countryside surrounding King Estate and of course, the wines and vineyard, makes this place sometimes feel more like Tuscany than Oregon.

Thank you so much Joan and Bob!