Photographers in Jim Thorpe

Jill and Brian met us recently for engagement portraits in Jim Thorpe.  Jim Thorpe, a beautiful little victorian town nestled in the mountains of Carbon County, is one of our favorite engagement portrait locations. The area is a virtual playground for photographers. A good example is the location in the first photograph below, although, I don't think we'll be taking any more clients there. It seems to be private property now (or has it always been?) and there is some excavation going on as if the owner plans to build soon. Poor Jill had her foot swallowed whole in quicksand-like mud at the site. We were so embarrassed, but Jill and Brian were so cool. They just laughed, cleaned up and kept on rolling. We were so grateful. It is no wonder the photos came out so well. Check them out:

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Unknown said...

I love the pictures!! Brian hasn't seen them yet but I'm sure he will love them too -especially the last one;)

We are so happy that we asked Josh and Amber to photograph our wedding. We felt very comfortable with them during the entire engagement session ...even when foot ended up in the mud! I'm sure we will laugh about it for years to come!!