Lehigh Valley Bridal Show

Josh and I did the Northeastern PA Bridal Show in the Lehigh Valley this weekend. It was our first bridal show and we came away feeling good about the experience. The weather deterred people on Saturday and it was somewhat slow on Sunday, but that meant that we got to spend more time talking with both prospective clients and other vendors. It was fun getting to know other folks in the Lehigh Valley wedding industry, especially other Lehigh Valley wedding photographers. Josh and I look forward to geeking out with them (the photographers) in the future. The full value of this show will come over the next few weeks and months as we hopefully hear from brides and grooms we met at the show and relationships begin to grow with the vendors we met.

As for our booth design, we were pretty pleased with the effect of the design. Maybe it would have been fun to bring our own rug or flooring to really transport visitors to a completely different space, but overall, we were happy.  We particularly loved the open floor plan, which invited people into the space to interact with our work and us.  Plus the seating was great because it allowed folks to get comfortable and check out our sample album. We felt it was a nice touch only having one album so as not to overwhelm people. Nearly everyone who opened the 36 page album, looked at it from start to finish. If they weren't into getting an album at all or one of that particular type, at least they viewed full length coverage from one wedding. We can't say as much for the slideshow. Only one couple stayed at length to view the slideshow after taking everything else in. Most only watched the show for a few moments, (perhaps resolving to view this work on our website later if interested?). 

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Molly said...

Wonderful display. We liked how open and inviting it was--not overwhelming at all (like most wedding hub-bub!). Passing your info on to friends/potential clients. BEAUTIFUL pictures in your portfolio!!
best of luck and warm greetings!